What is Deepdee


Deepdee is an artificial intelligence research company, which provides a revolutionary solution for prompt automated early stage diagnosis of eye diseases by processing fundus images.

We put our efforts in giving a hand to eye doctors in early diagnosis of three major diseases: diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration.

We believe, with all our knowledge and passion, we can help optimize healthcare expenses and provide people with better screening solutions.

About Deepdee
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Our product

Today, we are working on one of the world’s most complex and challenging product: early diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy by processing retinal images.

Together, we are conducting research and development of the AI-driven solution to diagnose diabetic retinopathy.

<1 sec Speed
95% Accuracy
Worldwide Accessibility
1 Upload an image of an eye’s retina.
2 Quick AI image processing.
3 Get the report of desease expectancy.


In addition to diabetic retinopathy, we are working on studies of other pathologies and eye diseases. We hope that there will be more such projects every year, our expertise will grow and we will be able to continue working for the benefit of humanity.


OOG, Rotterdam.

We are excited to start working on the next research challenge: the world’s first glaucoma artificial intelligence screening initiative with Rotterdam Eye Hospital. We are going to process 110,000 optic disc images, then train a neural network to diagnose glaucoma.


Research and development laboratory.

The scientific center is aimed at researching and analyzing fundus images in order to accelerate machine learning and increase the accuracy of machine diagnosis of eye diseases. The analysis of the images is conducted under the control of the best ophthalmologists of the Republic of Belarus.

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